Latest Lecturing Positions at Studyrite Academy

(Posted 5th May 2021 and Application closes on 20th May 2021 for the listed Modules)

Vacant Positions:

Online Lecturers are needed for UNISA Undergraduate Modules (See the list of modules available below on this page.

Brief Description           

Studyrite Academy is an independent online learning platform. The Studyrite Academy is inviting applications for services as Online Module Lecturers on an independent contract basis.

As an Independent Contractor, you will:

  • Not be regarded as an employee
  • Not be entitled to any benefits such as medical, office space, equipment, leave (including sick leave), etc in terms of the Studyrite Academy’s conditions of service.
  • Provide your own infrastructure i.e. your own computer, your own internet access, and any other office-related equipment.
  • Work on your own time in completing teaching tasks online for a minimum of 20 hours a week (e.g. interacting with students on discussion forums, answering students’ questions relating to assignments, tests, and examinations, etc). These hours should preferably be spread over a few days per week.

Detailed Job Description and Duties           

Online Module Lecturer will have the following duties:

  1. Develop video-based lectures for the assigned UNISA Module(s)
  2. Familiarise yourself online with the subject content of the course
  3. Familiarise yourself online with the pedagogical approach followed to teach the course
  4. Familiarise yourself online with the Studyrite Academy online learning platform
  5. Monitor all students online learning for each module
  6. Facilitate subject-related student online discussions
  7. Give online feedbacks to students on assignments, tests, and examinations related questions
  8. Promptly respond online to student queries
  9. Provide student support online
  10. Interact frequently online with the assigned Coordinator
  11. Fulfill other administrative tasks relating to Online Lecturer

Job Requirements                   

  1. Minimum of Honours degree in Modules related disciplines or related qualification from NQF level 7.
  2. At least three years’ experience as a practitioner in a professional field using computer technology.

Additional Details                   

To be considered as an independent Online Module Lecturer, applicants must apply online, reside in South Africa, and not currently be employed permanently by Unisa.

Applicants must supply certified copies of their highest qualification as well as ID document/international Passport and a comprehensive CV. They must also meet the requirements below:

  • Ongoing access to an internet-connected computer (20 hours/week minimum)
  • Ongoing access to the internet at own cost
  • Own copies of software packages that may be required for teaching e.g. Internet browsers, MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Advanced computer skills i.e. no training will be provided in using software packages, Internet sites, or email.
  • Commitment to meeting deadlines and a passion for student-centered learning
  • Advanced communication skills and proficiency in English (all students communication will be text-based writing by email, forums, or assignment feedback documents)
  • Being a former Unisa student would be an advantage
  • Teaching experience, especially in South Africa will be an advantage.

Please clarify in your CV the nature of your computer and internet connection; the nature of the software packages installed on your computer; the nature of your computer skills and knowledge of software packages; the nature of your knowledge of the modules; and the nature of your teaching experience.

To apply, send your detailed application to The application must be accompanied by the following documents (as attachment):

  1. A comprehensive curriculum vitae
  2. Certified copy (within the previous two months) of highest educational qualification
  3. Certified copy (within the previous two months) of your identity document/passport residential permit (Foreign applicants with Study Permits are encouraged to apply)
  4. Proof of SAQA verification of foreign qualifications
  5. Academic record/transcript to be certified by relevant Institution
  6. You are required to indicate at least 3 modules you can teach online.

Studyrite Academy reserves the right to authenticate all qualifications without any further consent from the applicant. Late, incomplete and incorrect applications will not be considered.

Remuneration: Very Attractive

Closing Date: 20th May 2021

Assumption of duty:  Contracts will be effected from June 2021

Inquiries: Contact Dr. S. Joel –

List of Modules  at Studyrite Academy



Modules’ Descriptions
1. ACN3073 Financial Planning and Control
2. AIN1501 Accounting Information Systems In a Computer Environment
3. AIN2601 Practical Accounting Data Processing
4. AUE1501 Introduction to Auditing
5. AUE1601 Legal aspects In Accountancy
6. AUE2601 Auditing Theory and Practice
7. AUE2602 Corporate Governance In Accountancy
8. AUE301P Aspects of Internal Control of Importance to an Auditor
9. AUE302Q Legal aspects Concerning Audit Practice
10. AUE303R Advanced Theory of Auditing and the Performing of the Audit
11. AUE304S Computer Auditing and the Use of the Computer In
Performing the Audit Process
12. AUE3701 Audit Planning and Tests of Controls
13. AUE3702 Substantive Procedures and Finalising an Audit
14. AUI2601 Internal Auditing: Theory and Principles
15. AUI3704 Managing the Internal Audit Activity
16. BNU1501 Basic Numeracy
17. BSM1501 Business Management IA
18. CHE181T Chemistry I (Theory)
19. CIP2601 General Principles of Civil Procedure
20. CIP3701 Civil Procedure: Court Proceedings
21. CLA1501 Commercial Law IA
22. CLA1502 Commercial Law IB
23. CLA1503 Commercial Law IC
24. CLA2601 Commercial Law IIA
25. CLA2602 Commercial Law IIB
26. CMP2601 Law of Criminal Procedure: PreTrial
27. CMP3701 Law of Criminal Procedure: Trial and PostTrial
28. COS1511 Introduction to Programming I
29. COS1512 Introduction to Programming II
30. CRW2601 General Principles of Criminal Law
31. CRW2602 Criminal Law: Specific Crimes
32. CSL2601 Constitutional Law
33. DSC1510 Introduction to the Business World
34. DSC1520 Quantitative Modelling I
35. DSC1630 Introductory Financial Mathematics
36. DSC2602 Rational Decision Making
37. DSC2604 Financial Modelling
38. DSC2605 Linear Mathematical Programming
39. DSC2606 Nonlinear Mathematical Programming
40. ECS1500 Economics 1500
41. ECS1501 Economics IA
42. ECS1601 Economics IB
43. ECS2601 Microeconomics
44. ECS2602 Macroeconomics
45. ECS2603 South African Economic Indicators
46. ECS2604 Labour Economics
47. ECS2605 South African Financial System
48. ECS3701 Monetary Economics
49. ECS3702 International Trade
50. ECS3703 International Finance
51. ECS3704 Public Economics
52. ECS3705 History of Economic Thought
53. ECS3706 Econometrics
54. ECS3707 Development Economics
55. ENN103F English for Academic Purposes
56. ENN1504 Practising Workplace English
57. EUP1501 Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for
Development Solutions
58. EVI3702 Evidence: the Presentation and assessment of Evidence
59. FAC1500 Basic Accounting
60. FAC1501 Introductory Financial Accounting
61. FAC1502 Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
62. FAC1503 Financial Accounting Principles for Law Practitioners
63. FAC1601 Financial Accounting Reporting
64. FAC2601 Financial Accounting for Companies
65. FAC2602 Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures
66. FAC3701 General Financial Reporting
67. FAC3702 Distinctive Financial Reporting
68. FAC3703 Specific Financial Reporting
69. FAC3704 Group Financial Reporting
70. FIN2601 Financial Management
71. FIN2602 Personal Financial Management
72. FIN2603 Finance for NonFinancial Managers
73. FIN3701 Financial Management
74. FIN3702 Working Capital Management
75. FLS1501 The Origins of South African Law
76. FLS1502 Foundations of South African Law
77. HRD2601 Education, Training and Development Practices
78. HRD2602 Training and Development Practices
79. HRD3701 Applied Human Resource Development Competencies
80. HRD3702 Management of Training and Development
81. HRM2601 Human Resource Provisioning
82. HRM2602 Human Resource Maintenance and Retention
83. HRM2603 Compensation Practices
84. HRM2604 Performance Management Practices
85. HRM2605 Human Resource Management for Line Managers
86. HRM3701 Applied Human Resource Management Competencies
87. HRM3702 Management of Employee Wellbeing, Health and Safety
88. HRM3703 HR Information Systems and Technology
89. HRM3704 Contemporary Issues In Human Resource Management
90. HRM3705 Compensation Management
91. INF1505 Introduction to Business Information Systems
92. INF1511 Visual Programming I
93. INF1520 Human Computer Interaction I
94. INF3703 Databases II
95. INF3705 Advanced Systems Development
96. INF3707 Database Design and Implementation
97. INF3708 Software Project Management
98. INF3720 Human Computer Interaction II
99. INV2601 Investments: an Introduction
100. INV3701 Investments: Equity asset Valuation
101. INV3702 Investments: Fixed Income analysis
102. INV3703 Investments: Derivatives
103. IOP1501 Psychological Processes In Work Context
104. IOP1502 Customer Service In Tourism
105. IOP1601 Personality In Work Context
106. IOP2601 Organisational Research Methodology
107. IOP2602 Organisational Psychology
108. IOP2604 Psychological Adjustment In the Work Context
109. MAC2601 Principles of Management Accounting
110. MAC2602 Principles of Strategy, Risk & Financial Management Techniques
111. MAC3701 Application of Management Accounting Techniques
112. MAC3702 Application of Financial Management Techniques
113. MAC3703 Selected Accounting & Financial Management Techniques
114. MAT0511 Access to Mathematics
115. MAT1503 Linear Algebra
116. MAT1510 Precalculus Mathematics A
117. MAT1511 Precalculus Mathematics B
118. MAT1512 Calculus A
119. MAT1581 Mathematics I (Engineering)
120. MAT2691 Mathematics II (Engineering)
121. MNB150 Business Management IA
122. MNB1601 Business Management IB
123. MNE2601 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
124. MNE3701 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
125. MNG2601 General Management
126. MNG2602 Contemporary Management Issues
127. MNG3701 Strategic Planning IIIA
128. MNG3702 Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB
129. MNM2601 Marketing Management
130. MNM2602 Essentials of Marketing
131. MNM2603 Salesmanship
132. MNM2606 Advertising and Sales Promotion
133. MNM2607 Public Relations
134. MNM2608 Product Management
135. MNM2610 Distribution Management
136. MNO2601 Production and Operations Management
137. MNO3701 Production and Operations Management
138. MNP2601 Purchasing Management
139. MNP2602 Supply Chain Management
140. MRL2601 Entrepreneural Law
141. MRL370 Labour Law
142. MRL3701 Insolvency Law
143. PHY1501 Elementary Mechanics
144. PHY1505 Mechanics (Physics)
145. PHY1506 Electromagnetism and Heat (Physics)
146. PVL1501 Law of Persons
147. PVL2601 Family Law
148. PVL2602 Law of Succession
149. PVL3701 Law of Property
150. PVL3702 Law of Contract
151. PVL3703 Law of Delict
152. PVL3704 Enrichment Liability and Estoppel
153. QMI1500 Elementary Quantitative Methods
154. RSK2601 Enterprise Risk Management
155. RSK2602 Fundamentals of Operational & Financial Risk
156. RSK3701 Risk Financing and Short Term Insurance
157. SMI181Q Science: Mining I
158. STA1501 Descriptive Statistics and Probability
159. STA1502 Statistical Inference I
160. STA1510 Basic Statistics
161. STA1610 Introduction to Statistics
162. STA2601 Applied Statistics II
163. STA2602 Statistical Inference II
164. STA2603 Distribution Theory II
165. STA2604 Forecasting II
166. TAX2601 Principles of Taxation
167. TAX3701 Taxation of Business Activities
168. TAX3702 Taxation of Individuals
169. TAX3703 Taxation of Estates
170. TAX3704 Tax Administration

Studyrite Academy reserves the right not to make an appointment and correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates only. If you have not been contacted within 4 months after the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was not successful.